Atlantic Expands Subwoofer Line with SB-900DF

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Atlantic Technology has introduced a down-firing companion model to its popular SB-900 subwoofer.  The SB-900DF is the specification twin to the original SB-900, only with a down-firing subwoofer as opposed to a front-firing driver.  By placing the woofer and bass vent on the bottom of the enclosure, the SB-900DF can be placed in tight places without the possibility of the output being muffled by furniture, walls, etc.

While the new Atlantic Technology SB-900DF is relatively small, its deep, low-distortion bass promises to be fast and muscular. The 8-inch long-excursion woofer has an oversized surround and high-energy magnet. When combined with the tuned bass port and onboard 125-watt power amplifier, the system delivers low-frequency extension down to 32 Hz, -3 dB.Proprietary distortion-detection circuitry prevents the system from emitting objectionably distorted sound, regardless of input signal.

Onboard adjustiments include an adjustable crossover that allows fine-tuning of the level and crossover frequency, as well as a phase switch. A cross-over bypass switch is also built in. Auto-on sensing saves power and the need to manually turn it on and off.

The Atlantic Technology SB-900DF has a peak output of 102 dB SPL in a 2000 cubic foot room and a frequency response for 32 to 200 Hz, ±3 dB.  The black-finished cabinet measures 10-7/8 wide, 13-1/8 high, and 13-1/16 deep, and weighs 28 lbs.

The SB-900DF and SB-900 are both currently available from Atlantic Technology dealers with a suggested retail price of $349.

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