StreamEZ Helps Cut the HDMI Cable

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Warpia, a purveyor of wireless products big and small, has introduced the StreamEZ Wireless HDMI Streaming Kit.  The kit includes an HDMI transmitter dongle, HDMI receiver, mini-USB A to USB cable (to power the transmitter), 90-degree HDMI elbow, and a remote.  They system is based on the WHDI standard, and allows transmission up to 30 feet.  It is HDCP compliant and will transmit full 1080p video with 5.1 digital audio (48kHz, 24-bit).

The kit is designed to be used in one of two applications.  The first is to transmit your laptop output to your TV.  You’ll need a laptop with an HDMI output, or mini-HDMI/DisplayPort, with appropriate adaptors. (If your laptop lacks an HDMI or HDMI-capable output, Warpia makes another solution that will fit the bill.)

Given the form factor of the transmitter, this is a great solution to play your favorite video streaming site on your big, beautiful display of choice.  The second application is a little more of a niche market.  Since it is a simple HDMI dongle, you are able to use it for your cable set-top box, Blu-ray player, A/V receiver or gaming console.  It’s a little harder to make a case for making a non-portable device wireless, but if your installation precludes wires (but you can locate a small box with your display), this makes a lot of sense.  We all know that wireless connectivity comes with its own concerns, but if your installation demands it, the StreamEZ may just be the ticket.

The StreamEZ is available now for $219.99 straight from Warpia.

Product page: [StreamEZ]

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