Blu-ray Review: Weeds Season Seven

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The most amazing thing about the seventh season of Weeds is that the show is in its seventh season. Don’t get me wrong; it’s not a bad show that deserved to get canceled years ago. But the Showtime network’s druggy dramedy started with a premise that seemed like it might work for one season, maybe two: suburban mom sells pot. To the credit of showrunner Jenji Kohan and her writers, Weeds’ plotlines have kept on moving and twisting towards unexpected places, keeping the show interesting, unpredictable, and consistently funny.

This time around, Nancy Botwin (Mary-Louise Parker), after a stay in prison (don’t ask), ends up in New York City, living in a halfway house and getting back to her old habits. Her brother-in-law (the hysterical Justin Kirk) and sons return from their new lives in Copenhagen, Denmark (again, don’t ask), the family reconnects and then things start to get really screwy. Parker once again plays Nancy as if she’s totally stoned all of the time (probably a logical choice for the character), but she’s effective—I couldn’t imagine the show without her. Former Saturday Night Live comic Kevin Nealon is a scene-stealer as in past seasons, and guest stars of note include Martin Short, Aidan Quinn, and Jennifer Jason Leigh.

The film-level production quality is well-served by the Blu-ray format. Not for all tastes, but if you like your dark comedy edgy and nicely baked, this two-disc season is yet another addictive dose of Weeds.

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