Oliver Stone’s Home Theater Gets a Makeover on Hollywood Hi-Tech

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Legendary director Oliver Stone has been remiss in updating his home theater. His projector doesn’t even have HDMI, and is still stuck at 720p (I hope you were sitting down- before reading that). Good thing DIY Network‘s Hollywood Hi-Tech is there to help him out with all the latest gear for bigger/brighter/better.

In the episode in question (which you can watch in its entirety here), they take his screen from an 8-foot 16:9 to a 10-foot 2.35:1, which is then paired with an anamorphic 3-chip DLP, and drops in front of an LCD. Oliver expresses a distaste for streaming media, and he wants to own his movies, like a book. Watch as they swap his exposed speakers for inwalls, replace the LCD TV, and put the new flatpanel on its back and then its face, just as they always tell you not to, because of the screen cracking issue. Don’t try that at home kids.

Via: [DIY Network]

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