MartinLogan Motion 20 and 40 Tower Speakers Now Available

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MartinLogan has long been known for it’s line of ultra-high-end electrostatic speakers.  The electrostats are very cool and sound fantastic, but a quick look at pricing on their product lineup puts them out of reach of most.  Unless you’re independently wealthy.  Then you should have a houseful.

The Motion Series (samples of which editor-in-chief Dennis Burger has reviewed a couple of times) is designed to bring some of the high-end features of the electrostats into a package that is affordable, but still sounds great.  The key here is the Folded Motion tweeter.  A quick look at this video will clarify the technology far better than I can.

The look of the Motion Series hasn’t always been well embraced, though. Earlier models definitely sported a distinctive styling that was love-it-or-hate-it. MartinLogan has added to this series with the new Motion 20 and Motion 40 tower speakers, combining all of the technological wizardry that everyone loved with a more conventional look that’s sure to be more universally accepted.

The Motion 20 is a “compact” floorstanding speaker at 36.6″ tall.  It features two 5-1/4″ aluminum cone woofers in a non-resonant asymmetrical chamber format in a cast polymer basket.  A rigid dust cap helps reduce cone break-up and looks nice to boot.  The Motion 20 is designed for small to medium rooms and has a recommended power handling of 20-200W per channel.

The Motion 40 expands on the acoustical capability of the Motion 20 by using a single 5-1/4″ aluminum mid-bass and dual 6-1/2″ oversized bass cones with a rear-firing bass port.  These, along with the aforementioned Folded Motion tweeter, create a full, rich and deep sound.  These features add up to a performance bump over its smaller, Motion 20, sibling.

Both the 20 & 40 feature Precision Vojtko crossovers with custom air core coil and low DCR steel laminate inductors.  The audiophile-grade tweeters each consist of 1″ x 1.4″ high-frequency Folded Motion Transducers with a 5.25″ x 1.75″ diaphragm, along with thermal and current protection.

The Motion 20 & 40 are ideal for two-channel listening, but can be paired with several of MartinLogan’s other products to make a complete home theater system.  They match nicely with the Motion FX surround speakers and the soon-to-be-released Motion 30 center channel speaker.  To add a little more bass, MartinLogan recommends the Dynamo 500 or 700.

The Motion 20 & 40 are finished in a high gloss piano black finish.  Floor spikes are included and custom, 5-way, bi-wire, push-style binding posts are used for connecting to source components.

Both models are available now through authorized dealers.

  • Motion 20: MSRP of $749.95 each
  • Motion 40: MSRP of $949.95 each

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