Sonos Drops Dedicated Touchscreen Remote in Favor of Smartphone Apps

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According to The Verge, Sonos will cease selling its hardware remotes for their systems on June first, moving the company to where their customers already are: Smartphone based apps

“We knew from the early days of the iPhone explosion that controlling our system from the device that people were carrying around in their pockets is what we wanted.”

Three and a half years after the debut of the company’s iPhone app, its over, but that doesn’t mean that they’re leaving customers in a lurch. All existing remotes will have their full warranties supported, and receive software updates “for the foreseeable future.” Those who want the $349 beast but miss the boat aren’t out of luck, however; you can still grab an iPod touch that’ll do the exact same thing and a whole lot more for $150 less.

Via: [The Verge]

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