LG’s New Fridges Cut Down on Cooldown Time

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Itching to make that twelve-pack of beverages frostier faster? LG‘s new French-door refrigerator packs a handy feature that might perk your ears up. The New York Times has a story about an innovative new feature of the fridge, due to hit stores next month, which significantly cuts down on cooling time. Dubbed the “Blast Chiller,” the feature has been in the brainstorming stage since 2002, and in serious R&D for the past two years. It promises to cool a can of soda in just minutes.

Jangseok Lee, head of the refrigeration system team at the company’s headquarters in South Korea, said the idea dates to 2002, when engineers there began thinking about how a microwave oven quickly warms up food.

Similar efforts to cool items rapidly were tried but proved unsuccessful, Mr. Lee said, and the idea was put on hold. But then LG learned about a blast-cooling process that’s used in steel mills and other industrial settings.

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