High-Tech Ways to Save Water from Electronic House

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Water conservation on a Home Tech site?

Hang in there.  Saving water can be pretty darn cool, too.

Need proof? Check out the article 7 High-tech Ways to Save Water by Steven Castle over at Electronic House for some nifty ways cut back on the use of H2O in your home.

Castle outlines the obvious (Energy Star appliances and Low-Flow Fixtures), but he also highlights a few options that might be new to the masses. How about Graywater Recycling or Rainwater Harvesting? The rain’s gotta go somewhere, so why not collect it and feed it back to your lawn or garden with the help of automated sensors? Pretty cool, huh?

The neatest option in Castle’s column deals with high-end energy monitoring systems from companies such as Agilewaves and Lucid Design Group.

The bottom line is, saving a water doesn’t have to be difficult and it can be high-tech too.

(My apologies for recommending an article that forces readers to click through a slideshow, but I felt this one was important.)

Via: [Electronic House]

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