Fox to Release a Slew of New 3D Conversions for the Holidays

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JVC has developed a new system that supposedly allows for the conversion of 2D films to 3D for a third of the time and money, and Fox has lent its catalog to them as test material:

“Current 2D 3D conversions can cost $50-70,000 per minute meaning feature films can cost $10-15m and take 600-700 people nine months or so to produce,” said Susumu Sakakibara, Director Video-Tech and General Manager Business Development, JVC “With this service a feature like I Robot can take three people three months to convert at a third of the price.”

While the quality of the end result has yet to be seen, I, Robot is already solicited in Czech territories for Blu-ray 3D, and Titan AE‘s IMDB has been updated to reflect a 2012 3D re-release. Certainly CG heavy films like those two have historically provided the best quality conversions, but the question remains what sort of artifacts will result from cutting the team involved by 200x and making many manual decisions into automatic ones . We’ve all seen the results of automated scratch removal not carefully monitored (Gladiator‘s vanishing arrows come to mind), and sloppy 3D isn’t going to fly in a market that’s already somewhat bitter toward even well-done 3D. Here’s hoping that JVC’s system works as advertised.

But hey, even if it’s terrible, at least we’ll finally get Titan AE‘s amazing sound design in lossless audio with a beautiful image.

Via: [3D Focus]


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