Theta Digital Adds 12-Channel AES/EBU Output Card Option to Casablanca III HD

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Theta Digital is not known for going halfway, and taking a look at any of the company’s products will tell you that.  In a step to make their products even better, Theta Digital has announced a new digital output card for their Casablanca III HD Music & Cinema Controller. The Casablanca is built around a modular structure (and they have a cool configuration tool here), so this is just one of the many options to choose from.

Simply called the 12-Channel Digi-Out Card, it supports balanced AES/EBU digital audio output at signal rates up to 192 kHz and 24-bit depth in channel pairs.  In this case, it is configured as Left/Right; Center/Subwoofer 1; Surround L/R; Surround Back L/R; Subwoofer 2/3; and Subwoofer 4/5 or Surround Center.  The user is able to update channel assignments as needed for future enhancements.

The card opens the door for using advanced outboard DAC’s like Theta Digital’s own Generation VIII Series 3.

The 12-Channel Digi-Out Card has an MSRP of $1,995 and is shipping now.

(Just for fun, I started to configure a “basic” surround system of Theta Digital gear centered around the above-mentioned products, but my calculator soon hit numbers that looked more like the cost of a home, rather than that a pre/pro-DAC setup.  It was a fun exercise, nonetheless.)

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