TechnologyTell Introduces “Pay with Cash” Option

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Ever find yourself fancying a new Blu-ray player or flat panel TV on Walmart‘s website, but wishing you could pay with cash instead of credit or debit?

Yeah, no, me either.

But if we had, we’d both be in luck: has introduced what is supposedly the world’s first “pay with cash online” option available from any major retailer.

How it works is as follows:

  • Customers go to from any Internet-connected device to select an item and place an order.
  • During checkout, the customer selects the “Cash” option and their shipping preference. Customer immediately receives an order number on the order confirmation page and an email receipt with their order number. The item is reserved in the system.
  • The customer has 48-hours to take the printed order form to any cash register of any Walmart store or Neighborhood Market.
  • Once cash payment is completed in the store and received, shipping then occurs via Site to Store or to their preferred address.

I looked into this “cash” thing, and apparently it’s a system sort of similar to debit, except instead of swiping your card and having money subtracted from your bank account, you have to keep track of these little green pieces of paper and multicolored metal discs, which serve the same purpose as money. Sounds like a hassle to me, but according to the press release, one out of four Americans uses the stuff almost exclusively, and as many as 81% of them have internet access.

Who knew?

You can read more about the new option at

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