Panasonic Births Its Newest Giant Plasma, 145-Inches Diagonal, 8k resolution

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Panasonic likes to truck their immense plasma screens around the country in semi trucks, but in this case, they may just need a bigger boat. The monster 145 inch self-illuminating flat-panel delivers IMAX levels of resolution to your local…. side of your house.

A new drive system eliminates the flicker plasma generates at high resolutions, and is definitely not designed for home use. At 16X the resolution of 1080p, you simply cannot comfortably sit close enough to the thing to see the advantage over 4K (and 4K requires you to have at least an 85″ set to see any gains over 1080p at average sitting distances), and the primary applications are going to be large public displays, and not private use.

Either way, maybe along with NHK’s new 8K CCDs, it’ll encourage along the development of 8K digital IMAX so that we can stop suffering through our beloved IMAX film based theaters being stealth converted to 4K digital

Via: [WebProNews]

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