Universal 100th Anniversary Celebration Augments London’s Reality

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Man, I wish that we in the Colonies could not only enjoy the UK’s cheaper prices for catalog Blu-rays, but their interesting promotions as well. Those who purchase the new “Augmented Reality” editions of select titles (including standalone versions of Jurassic Park and Back to the Future, also not available in the US), can explore London with some of Universal’s biggest and best.

When a compatible device is pointed at Big Ben, the DeLorean car from ‘Back to the Future’ will fly overhead. When it is pointed at Trafalgar Square, ‘King Kong’ will scale Nelson’s Column. A Tyrannosaurus Rex from ‘Jurassic Park’ will head towards Buckingham Palace when devices are pointed in its direction.

The app will also work in conjunction with 15 limited edition DVD and Blu-ray covers. Characters on the covers will move when users point devices at them

Powered by an app from Aurasma, which is not available in US app stores, it sounds like this is a disposable gimmick, but still fun promotion that has a side benefit of pretty blue new sleeves on the titles. For those interested in importing these discs just for the fun of it (or to avoid less desirable sequels), the discs should be identical to US versions, and you can still access the app simply by using one of the not-so-secret ways of acquiring a foreign iTunes account. At the very least, maybe it’ll provide you with the excuse you’ve always needed to obey that London calling this summer.

Via: [MediaWeek]

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