Warner Bros Takes You Inside the Script with New Interactive eBooks

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Long the subject of elaborate and expensive coffee table books, Warner’s new Inside The Script eBooks are a movie lover’s dream, and at only $10 a pop and no physical footprint, can be stored and moved in mass quantity without a forklift:

The Inside the Script series offers sophisticated design and formatting beyond anything you’ve seen in eBooks. Zoom in on high-resolution images and examine every detail. Customize your reading experience using internal links that instantly take you from scene to stills, from act to analysis, from dialogue to production memos. Use the Image Catalog to quickly locate any picture in the book. Explore Inside the Script and see your favorite flick in a brand new light!

I think I’d love to have this as a “digital copy” for a coffee table, but for me, nothing replaces a huge book that celebrates my favorite film in all its glossy finery. With Ben-Hur, An American in Paris, Casablanca, and North by Northwest, WB couldn’t have chosen better films to prove me an old curmudgeon.

All 4 eBooks are now available via

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