Bowers & Wilkins Introduces P3 Headphones

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Remember the B&W P5 headphones I ooh’d and ah’d over a while back? Get ready to ooh and ah over their little brothers. Bowers & Wilkins officially announced the P3 today: a more portable, lighter-weight, less sheep-killing version of the P5.

Okay, that last bit was a cheap shot, but honestly, the earpads are the only thing I don’t like about the P5. They’re made of sweet, precious, fluffy little sheep for one thing. For another, they turn your head into an oven. The sound of the P5 made me overlook both of those points.

There’s nothing to overlook with the P3, though. Its earpads are now ultra-lightweight acoustic fabric (which should be as easy on the ears as it is on the sheep butts). It also features new drivers, but they’re engineered by the same brains that cooked up the P5, so you know it’ll sound yummy. Add to that the same replaceable cables (hyooge!), and the same sexy styling (swoon!), all of which is packed into a more compact, foldable design (awww!), and I think B&W has a serious winner on its hands here.

Look for them to drop in June for a suggested retail price of $199.99, in either black or white.

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