KEF Introduces 50th Anniversary Loudspeaker

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LS50 Mini Monitor

KEF is introducing a new loudspeaker in honor of the company’s 50th anniversary. The LS50 Mini Monitor–essentially a re-invented LS3/5a–is suitable for spaces large and small. The speaker can recreate the studio experience in tight spaces, but KEF has also included a Uni-Q driver for better dynamic range in larger listening areas.

The monitor’s cabinet features constrained layer damping that reduces resonance, and its baffle shape is optimized for smooth on- and off-axis dispersion. The Uni-Q driver’s cone is constructed from a magnesium/aluminum metal alloy that, despite the monitor’s small enclosure, allows for clarity, definition and imaging.

A pair of LS50s retails for $1,499.99. KEF is taking pre-orders now.

For more information visit KEF or call 732.683.2356.


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