The OLEDs Are Coming! The OLEDs Are Coming!

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Bloomberg is reporting today that large OLED flat panels will finally be a reality on the market this year thanks to Samsung. Considered in some ways to be a sort of best-of-both-worlds technology, OLED promises to trump LED-lit LCD panels in terms of energy efficiency, refresh speed, viewing angle, and display thickness, and prove to be superior to plasma TVs when it comes to black levels and contrast. OLED isn’t without a few disadvantages, mind you: the TVs will cost at least twice what the most expensive current flat panels do, and have less than a third of the usable lifespan of plasma and LCD HDTVs.

One thing that the Bloomberg article mentions, but doesn’t fully explore, is the fact that Samsung’s OLED displays currently rely on separate red, green, and blue pixels, whereas LG’s use white OLEDs with color filters. What’s significant about this is that blue organic light emitting diodes are less efficient and degrade much more quickly than red and green ones do, even with recent improvements in blue OLED production. How this will affect Samsung’s OLED displays–and whether or not Samsung has cooked up any sooper sekret technology to address the issue–isn’t covered here, and it’s a question on many a tech geek’s mind.

It looks like we don’t have to wait much longer for an answer, though.

Via: [Bloomberg]

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