WiFi Blocking Wallpaper Whallops Interference

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Image courtesy of PC Mag

A lot of people live in apartments, and since nearly everyone has a wireless router these days, you tend to see a lot of SSIDs floating around. Not only that, but there’s inevitable crossover frequencies, interference, and other awfulness that come from having so many EM sources so close to each other. Enter the shiny answer to your problems.

This silver-flaked beast, created by Finnish materials company, Ahlstrom, creates a Faraday cage in the room you paper it in. Do up the ceiling and put it under the floor, and you’ll have an impenetrable fortress to WiFi RF (that is, except the windows; they’re working on that).

The wallpaper can block Wi-Fi signals in the 2.45 – 5.5 GHz range, while simultaneously allowing television, FM radio, and mobile phone signals to pass through its surface. Metapaper can be applied to a variety of surfaces including concrete, brick and plaster, and won’t be affected by decorative additions such as a layer of common house paint. No announcement has been made as to when this product might reach the U.S. market.

Although prototypes originally ran up to $80 a square foot in the development stage, this new version is well within consumer affordability, and while there’s no US launch announced, it’s probably not too far off in the future.

I’m sure our readers, and theatergoers in general, might be quite interested in a version that blocks cell signals as well.

Via: [PC Magazine]

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  • Doc Greene

    A great idea! Long past due.