FoxConn Exec Outs the iTV

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In an interview with China Daily, FoxConn exec Terry Gou appears to have outed the worst kept secret in the industry, which is probably going to force Apple’s hand to show or say something:

Gou said Foxconn is making preparations for iTV, Apple Inc’s rumored upcoming high-definition television, although development or manufacturing has yet to begin.

iTV reportedly features an aluminum construction, Siri, and FaceTime video calling.

Foxconn’s recent 50-50 joint venture factory with Sharp in Japan is one of the preparations made for the new device, Gou added.

Apple is reportedly still trying to cut deals with the cable companies like Comcast and Verizon, to sell channels à la carte through the TV, bypassing the cable providers before announcing the TV. Problem is, the same cable providers control most of the broadband internet pipes, and understandably have little desire to allow Apple to get their money — and the networks, who want to make more money, not less, are caught in the middle.

Frankly, given Apple’s history with the music business, and the stranglehold the cable companies have on our entertainment in general, I wouldn’t hold out any hopes that that’s a nut they’re going to crack anytime soon, so they may just have to launch the iTV without it.

Via: [China Daily]

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