V-MODA Unveils VIP Version of Faders Ear Armor

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V-MODA is most well-known for its headphones, but with the release of the original Faders, they officially entered the hearing protection game under their Ear Armor banner.  The company is also known for releasing new and updated models on a regular basis, so it’s no surprise to see the Faders VIP joining the fray.

Personally, I am all about hearing protection.  I love getting the breath pushed out of me by bass at a concert, but I don’t enjoy my ears ringing for the next two days, or worse, losing some hearing as a result.  I’ve had custom molded -15dB ear plugs for years and haven’t attended a concert without them since.  I still enjoy the music and hear every note, but without the tinnitus the next day.  For all of us that enjoy concerts, shooting, loud music, or just loud things in general, hearing protection is a must.  No matter the age, it’s never too late to start protecting your ears. Unless you’re already stone deaf from too many arena shows in the ’70s. In which case, have you heard about these new cybernetic gloves that improve your golf swing?

Okay.  I’m off my soap box and back to the Faders VIP.

The Faders VIP are an update to last year’s Faders ear plugs.  At their core, these are stylish ear plugs with 12dB (actually closer to 20dB in practice) of noise reduction.  The key is the use of a noise filter, rather than simply blocking the ear canal with foam.  The end result is being able to talk and listen as you would naturally as opposed to everything being muffled, like with foam ear plugs.  If your only ear plug experience is the cheap foam kind, you simply have to give filtered ear plugs a shot.  They are available in Gunmetal Black, Rouge Red, and Electro Pink and come with carrying case.  They also feature a removable cord that holds the two plugs together.

One of the keys to good ear plugs is the seal between the plug and your ear.  As you likely know from ear bud experiences, if you don’t get a good seal, you’re letting out good sound.  The reverse is true with ear plugs — without a good seal, you’re letting bad sound in.  To combat this, the Faders VIP come with four sizes of BLISS hybrid silicone fittings to find your own optimal fit.

As an added bonus, portion of all proceeds go to the “InTheLoop Foundation,” a non-profit organization founded by the Kolton family to educate people, especially young adults and teens, about the importance of protecting their hearing for life. In TheLoopFoundation also provides scholarships and workshops for deserving individuals to pursue their audio dreams.

While custom molded plugs are likely the best way to protect you hearing and stay somewhat incognito, but it is not a cheap endeavor.  The Faders VIP are a great substitute, and won’t break the bank..  At $20 from either V-MODA or, these are definitely worth a shot.

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