NBC to Dish Network: “Bawww!”; Dish Network to NBC: “Grow Up!”

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In case you guys missed it in my review of the new Dish Network Hopper whole-home HD DVR, one of the coolest new features is Auto Hop, which lets you automatically skip the commercials in a PrimeTime Anytime recording with just one button click right after you press play. It’s only enabled the morning after a program airs…

…but that’s not enough for NBC Broadcast Chairman Ted Harbert, who took to the stage yesterday at Radio City Music Hall as a part of the company’s upfront presentation and called Auto Hop “an insult to our joint programming, and I’m against it.”

Dish Network resonded on its Facebook page, saying of Harbert’s remarks, “It is an insult to not champion our consumers’ needs.”

So nyah.

You can bet this isn’t the end of the discussion, though. No doubt broadcasters are going to try to take this brouhaha to court. And not that I wish the Big Four ill or anything, but I hope when that day comes, the judge looks down his nose and says, “boo-boo kitty.”

Via: [Dish Network on Facebook]

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  • Benjamin Durham

    I sincerely hope that someone utters, “Yuh-huh” in the course of the proceedings.

  • Hunter

    That seems to be the problem with big media today. Whether it’s the recording industry, movie industry or TV industry, the consumer has taken a back seat to profit. When a company like my employer, Dish, looks at it the other way (the right way) they put customers wants and needs first. All they did was automate something everyone with a DVR does anyways. I would always fast forward past the commercials; sometimes I would go too far and I would have rewind back and forth. Dish just made it easier to do something I already did.