Extra Vegetables Cooks Up Control4 App and Driver for Radio Thermostat Company CT80 Humidity Thermostat

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Radio Thermostat Company’s CT80 was already a kick-ass thermostat in its own right, providing a large touchscreen, seven-day programming, and best of all — well, for those of us who live in the tropical rainforests of Alabama — humidifier and de-humidifier controls.

Extra Vegetables (developers of the oh-so-cool Control4 WeatherHawk app, which I would seriously punch a kitten to own) has made the CT80 that much cooler with the introduction of a driver and control app for Control4 systems.

Here’s the deets on the CT80 alone:

  • Works with nearly every HVAC system — including traditional furnaces and heat pumps.
  • Can control 3 stages of heat and 2 stages of cool.  This allows for more precise temperature regulation and less fluctuation with today’s most sophisticated HVAC systems.
  • True Auto mode to switch automatically between heat and cool depending on environmental factors.
  • The CT80 can control an external air baffle.
  • Can also control an external humidifier AND de-humidifier.
  • You can program up to 7 independent periods per day. (Only six supported with Control4)
  • Can monitor and control your HVAC system based on humidity as well as temperature.

Add Extra Vegetables’ driver and you can:

… control the temperature set points and scheduling using the familiar Control4 thermostat interface. The driver also provides Custom Programming options to set the Humidifier and DeHumidifier modes and set points. If your customer is happy to adjust the Humidity settings from the CT80 itself then this is all you need. Temperature can be monitored and controlled from the Control4 system and the CT80 will also continue to control the Humidity but there will be no feedback onto the Control4 interfaces.

And if that weren’t enough, for $12.99, the optional 4Store app:

… provides an enhanced control interface for the thermostat. The main screen of the App shows the current Temperature and Humidity levels along with the status of the HVAC and Humidity control systems.  From this page you can also set the mode of the HVAC system, the heating and cooling set points, the hold period and fan control.

A second page provides control over the Humidifier or DeHumidifier in the property.  For each of these (including an External DeHumidifier) you can set the mode required and the humidity set point. The main page of the App also provides access to the special features of the CT80 such as Energy Save mode and Air Baffle (Fresh Air) control.

Do want.

Via: [@Newscaster on Twitter]

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