Frank Oz Talks “LIttle Shop” Anniversary, and The New Director’s Cut Blu-ray

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I’ve worshiped Frank Oz since I was very small, from the Muppets to Sesame Street, and then his own feature films, including, most notably, Little Shop of Horrors. In an extensive interview with Entertainment Weekly, Oz reveals the struggles of finishing that film, the real reason behind the disappearance of the original ending from the original DVD, and apparently knows nothing about “The Intended Cut” that was rated by the MPAA back in January, and is supposedly being released around Halloween.

When Warner put the first DVD out, they called me and said, “Do I have the original ending?” And I said, yeah, I had it in black and white. It didn’t exist in color. So I gave it to them to use, and then the DVD came out for a short time with that black-and-white ending as a bonus feature. And then I got a call from David Geffen, and David said, “What are you doing?” I said, “What do you mean?”  “Why did you give them the black-and-white version?” I said, “That’s all I had, I thought you were fine with that. I figured you and Warner were working together.”  He said, “No, no, no — I have a color version.”  “You have a color version?!” He said, “I have a color version. I don’t want the black-and-white version out, I want the color version out.” And so, you know, he’s the producer, so “Okay fine, it’s okay by me if you have the color.”

Hopefully this means that the color elements have been located, and we’ll all get to see the movie the way it was intended. Given Warner’s penchant for premium box sets, I’m crossing my fingers for a 3D Audrey II sculpture. It could happen right?

Find out about Oz’s opinion on potential remakes of Little Shop, Chris Rock’s (in my opinion grossly unnecessary) remake of his then 2-year old Death At A Funeral, and the state of the Muppets at the link below

Via: [Entertainment Weekly]


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