Sonos Introduces a Wireless Digital SUB

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Love your Sonos System but feel that it’s lacking a little something at the bottom end? You’re in luck; they company just announced today, via its blog, the Sonos SUB. Just like that, in all capital letters.

At just 15.8 x 6.2 x 15 inches, it seems like a dainty thing (and look at the pictures–it’s kinda gorgeous), but if the specs are accurate, this little puppy is also capable of cranking out some bodacious boom. It boasts two Class D amplifiers (no word on the power output, but then again, I’ve heard some 300-watt amps that could hold their own with 1000-watt monsters, so that’s not too concerning), and two drivers (no size is given, unfortunately) positioned face-to-face, to cancel out cabinet buzz and rattle. Sonos also claims bass extension down to 25 Hz (plus or minus how many dB, they’re not saying, but let’s assume they mean useful bass output down to 25 Hz, just for the benefit of the doubt).

What is clear is that this thing is abso-smurfly gorgeous, and setup is a snap. From the blog:

Place it anywhere in a room, plug it into a power source, press a button and follow some simple prompts on your controller. The SUB wirelessly connects with your other Sonos components for a flawlessly optimized, whole-room listening experience.

That’s with all Sonos amplified components, mind you — CONNECT:AMP, PLAY:5, and PLAY:3 — not the un-amplified CONNECT.

Look for it to drop in mid-June in high-gloss black lacquer finish form for $699. A black matte version will follow in September for $599.

Product page: [Sonos SUB]

Via: [The Sonos Blog]

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