Eugene Polley, Co-Creator of the Remote Control, Has Died

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While working at Zenith, Mr. Polley developed a system called the FlashMatic, which used patterns of light to change the channel.

Like most first goes at a new concept, there were bugs and flaws. The remote was highly directional, requiring you to “hit the target” for it to work, but it proved to be the spark that ignited a revolution.

Polley’s colleague, Dr. Robert Adler, took his concept, and instead tortured household pets everywhere with ultrasonic frequencies, before they finally settled on the infra-red transmitters we enjoy today.

This wasn’t the end of Mr. Polley’s contributions to our modern era, however; he helped develop the push-button radio and CED, LaserDisc’s HD DVD to today’s Blu-ray.

At 96, Eugene Polley lived a long and amazing life, changing the world as we know it, so when you channel surf tonight, make a few extra clicks in his memory

Via: [Engadget]

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