Amazon Debuts “Never Before On DVD” Store

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Amazon has bounced a bunch of new titles to its disc-on-demand service that have never before been published on DVD from both major studios like Disney, Paramount, Fox, and Sony. Movies like Bless the Beasts and Children, and TV shows like Rugrats, are finally making their disc debuts, with a catch.

These items cannot be resold on

As studios find less value in catalog titles (all but the biggest, that is), Amazon’s service is both a blessing and a curse to fans of more obscure films. The fact that we can own movies that the studios don’t find practical to release themselves is great, but the DVD-Rs on which these disc-on-demand titles are released are nowhere near as stable an archival format as a pressed disc, and the on-demand printed artwork tends to be of lesser quality than an official release would be.

Given the expense of Blu-ray compression and authoring, we’re a long way away from any HD disc-on-demand services sprouting up, but I’d personally prefer that these titles go to companies like Shout Factory or Image, who have lower expectations on “success,” and a greater focus on the collector community.

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