Tivoli Audio Introduces Headphones and Bluetooth Radios

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Nancy Klosek from our sister site Dealerscope has a report about Tivoli Audio’s new noise-canceling headphones and Bluetooth-equipped radios:

Tivoli Audio will join the ranks of audio companies who are fielding headphones, with the launch within the next two weeks of a single, $159.99 noise-cancelling on-ear model designed with solid-wood housings that are cosmetically in sync with the company’s signature table radios.

The Radio Silenz headphones will reach a headphone market that CEO Tom DeVesto said is “exploding” with an aesthetic footprint and comfort and sound-performance characteristics that he said set them apart. Available in cherry, walnut or black ash, they run for 50 hours on a single AAA battery. Their noise cancellation function is manually defeatable, and the earcups rotate 90 degrees and upward so they fit in an included travel pouch.

They will be joined in the market in July by two new Tivoli radios endowed with Bluetooth reception capability – the Model One BT ($259.99) and the PAL BT ($299.99). These models, based on the same chassis design as the Tivoli Model One and PAL, can receive and play content wirelessly from any Bluetooth-enabled device like a smartphone, tablet or computer. Another product to be available in late summer, the $149.99 BlueCon Wireless Technology Music Receiver, will make legacy Tivoli radios or any audio component with an auxiliary input Bluetooth-ready.

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