Mitsubishi Introduces New Cinema-Sized DLP TVs Up to 92 Inches

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DLP based televisions have one big advantage over flat panels: going bigger is easier and cheaper to manufacture and for the consumer, without sacrificing quality of presentation. Mitsubishi knows that bigger is usually better, and so they’re introducing six new televisions over 80″ in size, eclipsing the largest commercially available flat panel offerings by a wide margin.

“Consumers crave large screen televisions that deliver the most immersive home entertainment experience available, which has made the large screen TV market the fastest growing TV segment,” said Max Wasinger, Executive Vice President, Mitsubishi Electric Visual Solutions America. “There is no question that ‘bigger is better,’ so we’re introducing large screens that give consumers an unmatched viewing experience for movies, sports, gaming, and 3D content. As we maintain our size advantage in the television market, we’ve also built in more value and features for consumers who demand TVs with bigger screens and better sound at prices that meet their budget.”

A lot of people haven’t experienced a modern rear-projection television, and DLP is the same technology you see every time you go to the movie theater. It’s capable of images just as big and bright as a flat panel, and while you can’t mount them to a wall, the footprint is still well under most tube TVs from back in the day.

Should you elect to go with the 842 series, Mitsubishi will throw in a 16-speaker soundbar built into the television for the best possible sound without a speaker system. It can also double as a center channel in an existing system. Adding to their LaserVue lineup, which uses frickin’ lasers instead of an LED or projector lamp as a light source, is the 73-inch L75-A96, which brings you brilliant colors, 3D, and blacks with less power consumption than a lightbulb (85 watts!), well under the EnergyStar requirements.

More details on the individual televisions, the extensive online capabilities, and pricing on the 2012 lineup of sets can be found by clicking through the source link.

Via: [Mitsubishi Press Release]


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