Amazon Gold Box Deal of the Day: Alien Anthology Blu-ray for $29.99

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What a difference a year (and a prequel) make! You can score the Alien Anthology on Blu-ray for only thirty bucks, with all the extras, bonus material, and meticulous remastering contained therein, assuming you act fast. Enjoy a gorgeous remastering of Aliens supervised by James Cameron,  and the uncensored Alien 3 documentary that runs almost double the length of the one on the Alien Quadrilogy DVD box. It isn’t getting any cheaper than this, people — it was ten bucks more yesterday and will almost certainly be ten bucks more tomorrow — so I’d jump on it while you still can and cram for the theatrical release of Prometheus next week.

Buy the Alien Anthology [Blu-ray] at Amazon for $29.99, May 30, 2012 only
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