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Remember those massive 92-inch Mitsubishi DLP TVs that Jeff was ooo-ing and ahh-ing over last week? Our friends at BigPictureBigSound actually got their front paws on the WD-92840, and I enjoyed the review so much, I had to share.

A few key point that stood out from the review:

Mitsubishi doesn’t offer a stand for this monster, and there aren’t many stands on the market that can accommodate it. Reviewer Ian White had his own stand built just for the review.

The thing weighs 194 pounds. Holy CRT flashbacks, Batgirl!

Apparently, the sound kinda rocks. Yeah, good sound from a TV. I know. Crazy. “It wipes the floor with most HTiBs that I’ve heard,” says Ian.

Color temps are kinda ooky out of the box in any mode, but Ian was able to dial in pretty accurate gray scales via the ISFccc advanced video adjustments.

Black levels are actually pretty darned good. Not plasma good, but better than LED good. Color me surprised.

Bottom line, according to Ian?


  • It has a 92″ screen
  • Movies look and feel like you are watching on a good projector/screen combination
  • It made me the most popular person in town for two months
  • Excellent image sharpness and clarity in 2D mode
  • Solid black levels
  • ISF Advanced Adjustment Settings
  • Did I mention that it has a 92″ screen?
  • Replacement bulbs are inexpensive
  • A competent calibrator can make it look quite spectacular
  • Excellent value for the money when a 85″ plasma is $35,000 more


  • Highly reflective screen
  • Needs a big room and careful placement
  • 3D is only slightly above-average
  • Media apps are lackluster
  • Good luck moving this yourself
  • Active 3D glasses are heavy and uncomfortable
  • You may never go to work once you get one

You should really go read the whole review for yourself if you’re at all interested in the Mits. (Or even if you’re not. Ian’s a funny guy. I like it when he says things.)

Via: [BigPictureBigSound]

Mitsubishi WD-92840 92-Inch 1080p 3D Projection TV
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