Rumored Microsoft SmartGlass Brings AirPlay Style Functionality To All Major Mobile Platforms and Tablets

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Supposedly there was a media briefing a few days ago, where Microsoft detailed its new XBox 360 feature, SmartGlass.

Supposedly the new features will include:

  •  Xbox Smart Glass is a companion application for Xbox LIVE that will allow users to control their Xbox (e.g., transport controls, content discovery and search). The Xbox Smart Glass companion application will be optimized for Windows Tablets and Phones and also made available to iOS/Android Tablets and Phones.
  •  Activities will be made available within the Xbox Smart Glass companion application. Activities will be tied to existing and new applications on Xbox (e.g., Zune Music will have an activity). We will demo Xbox Smart Glass experiences for nearly all of our major brand partners at E3 (existing plus new partners).
  •  The Xbox Smart Glass companion application will have the ability to play video on Tablets/Phones and send the videos to Xbox to play on the TV.
  •  Additionally, we will demo Xbox Smart Glass capabilities (see slide 12) but at no time will we show any video content playing on a Tablet/Phone device.

While it’s very likely that there will be exclusive functionality tied to Microsoft’s Windows 8 phones and tablets, being able to throw the music from your MP3 player, phone, or tablet without expensive docks or exclusive hardware is fantastic. It’s also quite possible that these APIs will be the root of a second screen interface for games and other software, potentially in an effort to take some of the wind out of the Wii U’s sales.

As Microsoft continues to make the Xbox just as much about media consumption as games, the move into the second screen is a no-brainer. But how will Apple and Sony respond?

Via: [The Examiner]

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