SurgeX Marries Power Management and Energy Management with Its New Axess Line

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If you live in the American Southeast or Midwest, you’re certainly familiar with the amazing electrical storms that hit the region every year, and if you’re in the U.S., you may have had experience with our aging electrical grid not behaving itself. When that happens, you can get dips and surges that can wreak havoc on, or even destroy, sensative electronic equipment like our favorite sound and video systems.

SurgeX has been a leader in power conditioning and surge protection for years, and is the favorite of our editor Dennis Burger, mostly because their systems actually work. They’ve been a little lacking in the whole remote-monitoring and management area, though. Until now, that is. From the press release for SurgeX’s new Axess line:

Increasingly, AV integrators are looking for ways to manage customer systems more efficiently and reduce costs through fewer service calls. One of the most common service calls to integrators is locked gear; a simple fix, but typically requiring a truck roll to correct the problem onsite. With the Axess Elite, integrators can hard reboot locked up equipment via the outlet reboot command. Utilizing AutoPing, a trigger can be set to automatically fire if the Axess Elite fails to get a ping response from the device that has locked up, thus eliminating the time and costs associated with sending an integrator onsite for a simple reboot. In addition, the Axess Elite has been designed to promote facilities integration and works with most major control systems, including AMX, Crestron and others.

This is a major boon for installers who provide continued support to their customers. Instead of sending out a guy in a truck to crawl around in the rat’s nest, they can simply log into the customer’s system, and reset or disable any aspect of the power, from individual plugs to the entire system. The device can also be programmed to let you know of various events and power variances.

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