Little Shop of Horrors Comes to Blu-ray with Color Alternate Ending

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In 1997, Little Shop of Horrors was one of the first movies to hit DVD, complete with the never-before-seen alternate ending that matches the play. Running 20 minutes in length, this ending was found by test audiences to be “depressing” and “off-putting.” A black and white version was including on the disc, and, as we reported a while back, according to Frank Oz, David Geffen had it pulled because he was sure he had a color version (which was later never located). The disc was eventually reissued, sans-ending, and the original disc was resigned to the collector’s market

So 15 years later, I guess Mr. Geffen found his color version of the ending, because it’s part of this all new digibook Blu-ray being released in October, with 40 pages of production notes and photos included in the book, along with all the extras from the DVD. The biggest new feature is the ability, for the first time, to watch the alternate ending in color, and in context with the rest of the movie. It’s optional, though, so if Audrey II Godzilla-ing the world makes you sad, just go back to the “happy ending,” and enjoy Little Shop the way it was originally released to theaters.

The disc isn’t available for pre-order just yet, but the press release sets the MSRP at $34.99, so look for it to run somewhere in the neighborhood of $22-25 online when it drops.


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