Check Out This 100% Solar-Powered Electric Houseboat

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0 has a followup on a popular story from a few months back about the Bauhaus, which features a 1.7kw photovoltaic solar power system, and operates year-around (mostly) carbon neutral. The solar power system provides ample energy for cruising or cooking (I think the key word there is or; there doesn’t seem to be enough juice to do both at the same time), although during the winter months you might have to use the wood-burning stove for a bit of heat (or augment the solar system with a wind turbine and use electric heating).

Now via Treehugger comes a video of the boat in action. Turns out, it’s a whole heck of a lot prettier on the inside than on the outside:

And yep, it’s for sale, starting at £120,000, with a higher capacity battery bank than the original, and a 3-5kw photovoltaic solar system, to boot!

Contact info:
Bauhaus Barge

Via: [Treehugger]

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