Polk Expands SurroundBar Lineup with Two New Models

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Dennis Burger said of this year’s 2012 Consumer Electronics Show that “if headphones were 80% of the show, soundbars made up about 19% of the rest.” Every audio company, it seemed, decided to jump on the single-speaker bandwagon. Polk Audio has been at the forefront of this movement with its SurroundBar lineup, though, and now Polk is adding two new models to the family.

The SurroundBar 9000 Instant Home Theater is a self-powered speaker in a cabinet measuring 3-3/4 by 44-5/8 by 2-1/4 inches–the perfect complement for a 50-inch flat panel display. The SurroundBar 9000 offers 45 watts of discrete peak power to each of its eight drivers (five 2-1/2-inch midrange drivers and three 1/2-inch silk dome tweeters. The system also ships with a 150-watt, eight-inch wireless subwoofer that can be positioned up to 50 feet away from the main speaker). That’s 510 watts of total peak power for those keeping score at home (25 times as much power as the speakers in a typical television).

The SurroundBar packs a punch, but it also delivers a refined audio experience thanks to a number of Polk Audio technologies, including Optimized Center Array (OCA). OCA provides a more realistic center speaker experience for increased dialogue clarity and better midrange performance. Polk also uses SDA Surround Technology to eliminate crosstalk between channels–SDA ensures that right and left ears independently hear the sound intended for them so that the surround experience is more lifelike and three dimensional.

The 9000 IHT, which offers internal Dolby Digital and DTS processing, features two digital optical and two analog audio inputs.

Polk is also releasing a midrange model, the SurroundBar 5000 IHT. A key feature of the 5000 is its Bluetooth connectivity. Bluetooth makes the 5000 a perfect vehicle for digital music collections on iOS and Android devices.

Both models will be available in September of 2012. The 9000 IHT will retail for $849, while the 5000 will be priced at $399. For more information visit Polk Audio or call 866.764.1801.

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