Sharp Unveils 90-inch, $10,999.99 LED LCD TV

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Sharp has unveiled its newest toy, the LC-90LE745U AQUOS LED backed LCD TV, which clocks in at a bouncing 90 inches and 140+ pounds. We weren’t unable to attend the unveiling, but our friends at BigPictureBigSound were there with the scoop.

In addition to its gargantuan size, this new behemoth includes all of the SmartTV features you’d expect: Hulu Plus, Netflix, CinemaNow, VUDU, and more. WiFi connectivity allows you to plug in without the wires, and even allows, through a dedicated app, Sharp representatives to take control of your television to diagnose problems or tweak your settings.

And if you think Sharp is nuts introducing an $11K, 90-inch TV when 90-inches worth of front projection could be had for a lot less, consider this: the company can’t keep their existing 80-inchers on the shelves.

“We’ve gotten such positive response from the 60-, 70- and 80-inch models,” says Viken. “We feel that the customer is more than willing to go bigger.”

This beast will set you back a lot of coin — at least 9,999.99 on sale for now — and it’s also only available through authorized Sharp dealers — no online sales. There’s actually a reason for this, because in most cases, Sharp will actually send someone out to make sure your wall can support the weight, and you actually have one it’ll fit on. This should save a great deal of expensive moving fees and installation men, as well as crushing disappointment when you realize that you just dropped half a new car on something you’re going to have to do major construction work for before it’ll fit through the door.

Via: [BigPictureBigSound]

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