Apple Pulls the Nest Learning Thermostat from Brick & Mortar Stores

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It definitely made sense when the Nest Learning Thermostat started showing up in Apple stores last month. It’s a very Apple-y product, designed by ex-Apple engineers, and to say that it’s as revolutionary as any thermostat has ever been would be an understatement.

What doesn’t make sense is why Apple, just a month later, is now pulling the Nest off of store shelves. That’s the word we’re hearing from Infinite Loop Mobile, though:

According to store staff during a meeting last Saturday they were advised that the thermostat was being pulled from stores. However, it will remain on sale through the online Apple Store.

No one at the store would tell us exactly why the thermostat was pulled from the stores. If one were to guess it might be because the Genius Bar wasn’t equipped to handle the heat from customers that cannot get the thermostat installed properly.

Could be. Definitely could be. Thankfully, as the post says, you can still order The Nest at Apple’s online store. It’s also available at Amazon, as well as the official Nest website.

Read [Infinite Loop Mobile] via [MacDailyNews]

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