3D Complete+ from IOGEAR Offers 2D to 3D Conversion

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We first reported on IOGEAR’s GHDSSW4 (otherwise known as 3D Complete+) when it was introduced at the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show. The device is now ready to ship, and should help to ease the general fear and loathing of 3D.

With 3D Complete+, users will essentially have four products in one: a 2D to 3D converter, video enhancer, an HD upscaler, and a 4-port HDMI switcher. 3D Complete+ can turn any 2D content (DVD, Blu-ray, and Video Games, for example) into 3D on the fly. The device also supports  active shutter and passive 3D TVs and glasses, which allows for the utmost in 3D compatibility. 3D Complete+ promises to deliver a number of presets so that users can arrive at the best possible 3D viewing experience. Users will also be able to tweak Pop-Out and Depth.

As an Active Video Enhancer, the 3D Complete+ is designed to deliver images that are crisp, clear, and more vibrant. The device can also upscale 480i/p to 720p HD and 720p to 1080p. And users looking to enhance their Internet experience should appreciate the device’s ability to clean up video block noise and MPEG compression.

The 3D Complete+ retails for $199.95. For more information, visit IOGEAR or call 866.946.4327.

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