Vizio 21:9 Televisions Arrive

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As promised back in the wee months of what was merely winter in name, Vizio has indeed delivered its first 21:9 televisions onto store shelves. Able to view 2.35:1 movies without the top and bottom black bars (while adding black pillars to the sides of TV broadcasts, and the 65-ish perecnt of movies not shot in scope), these ultra-wide sets are targeted at the action movie lover for sure. The sets also feature passive (albeit half-resolution) 3D, a full suite of internet apps (with Wi-Fi), ambient light controlled LED backlighting, and a slate of endorsements from magazines like Popular Mechanics and Popular Science. If you’re in the market for one of these babies, they’ll set you back $1499 for the edge-lit 42-inch to $2199 for the 55-inch. Just remember that the vertical height on these TVs is quite a bit shorter, so plan to raise the TV up higher than you normally would for optimal viewing

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