Satechi Introduces a Sexy Flat Panel Indoor Digital TV Antenna

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TV antennas are great for all sorts of reasons: that rare occasion when satellite reception drops (or, in my experience, the slightly less rare occasion when cable reception goes kerflooey), or for a free alternative to pay TV altogether. Putting a big roof-mounted monstrosity on the casa isn’t an option for everyone, though (especially if the casa is an apartment or condo), so sometimes only an indoor antenna will do.

For those customers, Satechi has just introduced a sexy indoor alternative that looks as gorgeous wall mounted (or placed on a stand) as today’s ever-slimmer flat panel TVs. The ST-A1500 also boasts an internal low-noise amplifier to boost that incoming signal a bit, if you’re on the verge of being able to get good HD reception (unlike the old analog broadcast days, over-the-air digital reception is generally an all-or-nothing affair), and it does require a USB connection to power it (don’t worry, your TV almost certainly has a USB port), although a mains-to-USB adapter will work, too.

Best of all, the ST-A1500 is as cheap as it is attractive. It retails for $39.99, but Amazon has it now for $34.99.

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