Monster Shows New Cables, Wireless Speakers, and Headphones at CEA Line Shows

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From our sister site, Dealerscope:

At Wednesday’s CEA Line Shows, Monster provided a customary smorgasbord of new audio and video accessory solutions in the wireless audio and headphone realms – and even in the category where it made its name: cable.

Company principal Noel Lee  heralded what he termed as the “next generation of high-performance” in cables, with the introduction of Monster’s first “smart cables”: the ISF Imaging Science Foundation HDMI line. “The future is here because 4K is here, so you do need better cables. Bandwidth matters,” said Lee. The cable’s are certified by ISF for high-resolution displays such as 4K, and are available in three speeds, including the ISF 2000 (21 Gbps); the ISF 1250 (17.8 Gbps); and the ISF 750 (14.3 Gbps).  When a device is connected, the user can see immediately whether or not the signal is being conveyed in standard definition, high definition or in 4K resolution.

Prominent among the new or just-shipping headphones was Monster’s first over-ear noise-canceling headphone, the Inspiration

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