HydraConnect Releases 2nd Generation HDMI Processor for Control4 Systems

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HydraConnect LLC has introduced the HSS-2 HDMI Matrix Processor for use in Control4 smart home systems.  The HSS-2 is an 8×8 HDMI matrix switch, with an 8×16 audio matrix, and full support for HDMI 1.4a, including 3D and deep color.

Utilizing Consumer Electronic Control (CEC) functions, the HSS-2 allows direct control of the eight HDMI devices — a function previously unavailable in Control4 installations.  For compatible source components, this signals the end of the ugly IR flasher stuck to the front of the device and less wiring, a plus for consumers and installers alike.

The goal of the HSS-2 is to be the only box you need for most mid-range installations.  With the ability to distribute video over 8 zones and audio over 16 zones, I’d imagine that it will cover most homes.  As an added bonus, the A/V remix capability allows you to have video from one source, while taking audio from another.  For example, you could have a football game on screen while listening to music from a server.

HydraConnect’s proprietary FlashConnect technology allows for near-instantaneous video switching, virtually eliminating video delay and signal loss notifications.  The HSS-2 also includes an on-screen display to alert customers to the sharing of video and audio sources.

The HSS-2 also has what HydraConnect calls an HDMI CableTray to provide mechanical support for HDMI connections.  I would call it a lacing bar and a very nice touch for securing HDMI cables to the unit.

The HSS-2 is available through authorized HydraConnect dealers.

Contact info:
HydraConnect LLC

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