Verizon FIOS Finally Falls to CableCARD Copy Restrictions

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Despite a reprieve, starting July 31st, Verizon FIOS customers using CableCARD will have to succumb to the tyranny of Copy Once, which only allows you to record certain broadcast content and leave it on the DVR instead of backing it up in the format or device of your choice. Apparently this also breaks TiVOToGo and multi-room on the Series 3 models, as well as Windows Media Center and other HTPC solutions

Those FIOS customers using CableCard can tune to Channel 131 to see whether their CARD will have to be re-flashed after the July 31st deadline.

While enabling the Copy Once flag is optional, and traditionally reserved for premium channels, on other services many channels enable it on all content by default, instead of simply protecting premium content like HBO or Pay-per-View as originally intended, making it very difficult, or impossible to save your programming yourself.

While content owners have a right to protect their content, it seems to me that they’re simply taking the easy way out by firing and forgetting the Copy Once flag. Hopefully this will be returned to its original purpose, and stop blocking people from backing up the Daily Show to watch on the plane.

Via: [Engadget]


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