CEA Names Dish Network’s AutoHop “Best of Show” at CE Week

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From our sister site, Dealerscope:

The day after defending Dish Network’s controversial AutoHop technology, CEA awarded the Hop product its Best in Show at CE Week.

“The AutoHop is a pro-consumer advancement that allows us all to fast-forward through commercials and makes time-shifting viewing even easier,” CEA’s Michael Petricone said in a statement earlier this week.

Read the full story at: [Dealerscope: CEA Defends, Rewards Dish’s AutoHop]

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  • Titanius

    There is a lot of legal jargon going around about the new Hopper but it is clear from the best in show award at the Consumer Electronics show that this is the future of entertainment. I am a Dish employee and a very proud customer, and the Auto Hop feature has given me an extra two hours every week for my kids. Now that I have it I honestly don’t know what I would do without it.