Control4’s Starter Kit Makes Advanced Home Automation More Accessible

Sections: HVAC, Lighting control, Power management, Remote control, Security, Smart Home

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If home automation sounds like a neat idea, but you continue to live in the Dark Ages because the whole process sounds a little daunting (or monumentally expensive), Control4 has a solution: the home automation Starter Kit. The Starter Kit includes Control 4’s new HC-250 Controller, along with the SR-250 remote. Together, these two devices allow for easy single-room automation with the option for future expansion. And the best part of the Starter Kit? The price: around $800. (The system does require professional programming and that’s a little extra, but even at about $1000, this kit puts advanced home automation within reach of an entirely new audience.)

The HC-250 Controller can handle lighting, temperature, and security systems, and can also access video and music collections, and game systems. All of this can be administered through a television set or with Control 4’s iOS or Android apps. With Control4 automation, users can also enjoy multi-room audio and monitor security systems such as video feeds and electronic door locks.

The HC-250 supports both digital audio and video over HDMI (2 audio outputs: 1 analog and 1 HDMI, plus 1 analog audio input) and can catalogue content from a variety of sources through a seamless standard interface. The controller can be easily hidden behind components and connected via Ethernet. The device also works with the latest wireless technologies such as ZigBee for homes where Ethernet isn’t available or convenient.

To learn more about the system, visit Control4’s website or call 888.400.4070. And be sure to check out Dennis Burger’s interview with Control 4’s CEO Martin Plaehn and Director of Hardware Product Management Kordon Vaughn about the HC-250.

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