Upgrade to Windows 8 for Only $39.99, Get Media Center Free

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Windows 8 is a-coming, and despite some reservations about the big interface overhaul, there’s no question that coming with those is going to be some big multimedia capabilities. In order to save money on patent licenses, Microsoft announced earlier this year that they’d be stripping DVD support and Media Center in general from the base release, making them paid add-ons at an undisclosed price (probably $10-20).

So those like me who were pretty upset about the idea can rejoice, and upgrade for about 60% of the retail price to boot. For $39.99, you’ll get not only a digital copy of the upgrade, but as long as you take advantage of the offer (which expires January 31, 2013), you can download Media Center for the bargain price of free. So now instead of spending all our time complaining about the lack of our beloved HTPC features, we can turn all our energies to demanding the return of Aero and the equally beloved Start Menu. Viva la second revolution!

Via: [Windows Blog]


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