Stab Your Blu-rays in the Eye with This Limited Walking Dead Season 2 Statue Case

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Steelbooks are so yesterday. These days, it’s all about zombie heads, just like everything else in the known universe. Who can deny the utter coolness of this, though. The Walking Dead Season Two Blu-ray set is available for pre-order in a limited edition that’s actually limited — to one run — so get them while they’re… umm, cold.

The Walking Dead, developed by Frank Darabont of Shawshank Redemption fame, is one of AMC’s most popular series, based on the graphic novels of Robert Kirkman. With AMC no longer on the Dish Network, though, a lot of fans are going to have to get their fix via Netflix or Blu-ray long after each season has ended, so it’s cool to see AMC and Anchor Bay do something to make the physical media edition a little extra special. And hey, while you wait, be sure to also check out the unconnected videogame series by Telltale Games that’s available on all major consoles and computer platforms.

Preorder The Walking Dead: The Complete Second Season (Limited Edition) [Blu-ray] on Amazon for $64.99 — that’s $35 off of retail.

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