Securifi Almond Touch Screen Wi-Fi Router Now Shipping

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While the Securifi Almond may not be quite advanced enough on the back end to make it this particular audience’s router of choice, it is a pretty cool little router for some applications.  At its core, the Almond is a wi-fi router and range extender with a built-in touch screen for easy configuration, sans computer.

With a company named Securifi, you have to bet that security is a prominent feature of the Almond.  To that end, it includes several unique features that aim to help the less advanced user.  Key among them is how it handles Wi-Fi Protected Setups (WPS).  PCMag has a good story giving a background of how WPS works and what the vulnerabilities are.  The Almond ships with WPS disabled by default and directs users to select a timed enable.  This allows enough time for the device to connect to the router and then automatically disables WPS to increase security.  Additionally, WEP security is not even available via the touch screen interface (you can access it via the web interface, however).  WEP is also very vulnerable to hacking, so the Almond instead pushes users towards WPA and WPA2 security.  The Almond aims to simplify this process for less advanced users.

For the tin foil hat crowd, the Almond ensures your router is kept out of Google’s Wi-Fi location database.  The official Google opt-out involves adding “_nomap” to the end of your SSID.  The Almond takes care of this automatically.

As far as specs go, it’s pretty simple.  It has 802.11n with MIMO on-board. If you’re looking for a tech-loaded router with advanced configurations, this likely isn’t for you.  In addition to the touch screen, there is a web interface that likely opens up more configuration options, but I wouldn’t expect the advanced features of the higher end routers.  If you’re looking for something for a relative or friend who isn’t very tech-savvy, this looks like a very attractive option.  It’s also small enough to make a great mobile router.  In addition to being a router, the Almond can also serve as a range extender.

The Almond is available now from Amazon for $79.99.

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