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Sections: Mini systems, Speakers

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Provides: iDevice dock, speaker (with Aux In), FM radio
Developer: Edifier
Review Device: iPhone
Price: $99.99
Availability: Out now

The Tick Tock Dock has an intriguing retro design for an iOS dock/speaker system: shaped like an old-style alarm clock, it offers a charging station and speaker system with FM radio capability in a compact design. The only drawback are the controls on the device itself, which, due to the form factor, have to be concealed by the iDevice.

The design of the Tick Tock dock, while nice, is probably its least important feature, however,  because as soon as you put something on the dock, it obscures most of it. An iPhone will cover the LED face and an iPad will cover the whole thing. You’ll also have to learn the controls (on the top of the device) by touch: a round button that lets you increase and decrease the volume or advance or go back a track, and another further back that selects the input the speakers use (iPod dock, FM radio, or Aux-In).

The good news is that as a dock, a speaker, and an alarm clock, the Tick Tock still manages to work great. The sound quality is solid, especially for a small speaker, with a lot of depth. If you’re not using your iDevice’s alarm function, you can program the dock itself as an alarm, and the FM radio feature also has a bar meter (like you’d see on a cell phone) to show you how strong the signal is.

I wish the Tick Tock Dock was a little better designed, with the controls on the front, but it’s no more confusing that the average clock radio and it gives you really good sound while charging your iDevice overnight. And when your iPhone isn’t charging, it’s got an attractive design that can play FM radio or play music through another source.

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