BioStar Introduces New Audiophile Grade HTPC Board

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Targeting the HTPC/Home Server market, BioStar is introducing a new motherboard specifically targeted at the enthusiast who’s big into customization. The Hi-Fi Z77X features 7.1 analog out with 192khz/24-bit DACs, THX certification, and other features designed for high quality audio. As a bonus, if you leave your iPad hooked up to serve media from, this is one of the few motherboards out there with enough juice to charge it over the USB bus.

According to Biostar’s product bumph, the board includes Puro Hi-Fi Technology: an integrated independent audio power design with built-in amplifier. Combined with a multi-layer PCB engineered specifically to block noise and ‘non-polarised electrolysis electric audio capacitors’ and ‘hi-fi metal oxide film resistors’ — so says Biostar, anyway — on each individual audio circuit, the result is a quality previously unavailable from on-board motherboard audio.

The lack of anything other than HDMI for digital output, and the abundance of PCI-E x1 connections on the board tell me that they expect that most people are going to be going for an add-in sound card if they care about lossy ouputs anyway. While there is no set SRP, the board is probably going to run in the $150-200 range at retail.

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